Life Stories

Eager to capture a grandparent’s story before it’s too late? Or set down your own?

Susan Ager asks questions with ease, warmth and genuine curiosity. She will gather a story in all its nuances, from beginning to end, asking not just about what happened but how it felt and what it meant.

She typically audio-tapes her interviews, transcribes the conversations then tightens, organizes and “cleans up” the story, removing repetition and verbal tics. She will present you with a clean, accurate story, in the subject’s own words.

Most importantly, she knows how to relax anyone she interviews, and is unafraid to ask questions a relative might find difficult to pose.

It was a pleasure working with Susan on our Life Stories. Her professionalism, warmth and inquisitive mind made it easy to talk with her. She captured the essence of who we are.
— Helene and Bert Rabinowitz